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The Greenhouse is a family run business that produces Certified Organic vegetable seedlings/potted herbs and Micro Herbs in Perth, Western Australia. My name is Leesa Caldwell and I am the owner/proprietor of The Greenhouse. Our range has grown over the years and we now have the largest range of Certified Organic Vegetable Seedlings, Potted Herbs and Micro Herbs in Perth. 

We are located on our 5acre property just north of Guilderton in the suburb of Gabbadah.  On our property not only do we grow all our Certified Organic seedlings/herb/micro greens, we are also growing Organic Edible Flowers for Restaurants/Cafes.  We have only just started producing the flowers and it is very challenging, especially in Winter, but we are slowly getting a handle on things.  We plan on producing 10 times as much this coming Spring. 

At The Greenhouse we are a Wholesale only company.  We were in retail, but it was just too time consuming and taking me away from what I love to do, and that is to be in the field with my herbs.  If you wish to see where you can purchase our seedlings/herbs and seeds from please click here to find a store near you.  http://thegreenhouseorganic.com/where_to_buy

If you wish to purchase our Certified Organic Micro Herbs and Organic Edible Flowers for your Restaurant/Cafe please click on here to see a list of wholesalers where you can them purchase from. http://thegreenhouseorganic.com/where_to_buy                

Another project we will be starting at The Greenhouse in the near future, is an education program where we will be running workshops on how to "Grow Your Own Food and Medicine". I want people to come and see how it is possible to grow everything you need to live a healthy life.  I am hoping to work with schools as well, so that the next generation coming through will know how easy it is to grow their own food.  Like us on Facebook to get the updates and see our progress or if you would like receive our monthly enews please sign up here http://thegreenhouseorganic.com/inc/UserReg

Micro Greens and Edible Flowers

At The Greenhouse we produce Certified Organic Micro Greens and Organic Edible Flowers.  If you are a restaurant/cafe and would like to purchase our Micro greens, please click here to find a supplier near you   http://thegreenhouseorganic.com/where_to_buy 

If you would like to learn more about how nutritional Micro Greens click on the link here:  http://www.thegreenhouseorganic.com/micro_greens1 

Vegetable Seeds and Seedlings

All our Vegetable seedlings are Certified Organic.  We only use Organic Heirloom Seeds to produce our seedlings and they are grown the way Mother Nature intended food to be grown - Naturally and with no chemicals.  All our seed packets are organic heirloom varieties.  If you would like to purchase our seedlings or seeds click on here for our nearest outlet http://thegreenhouseorganic.com/where_to_buy

Potted Herbs and Seeds

All our potted herbs are Certified Organic.  We produce culinary and Medicinal Herbs.  To purchase our Potted Herbs click on here for our nearest outlet.  http://thegreenhouseorganic.com/where_to_buy


Vegetable Seedlings/Potted Herbs/Heirloom Seeds

If you wish to sell our seedlings at your nursery please contact Leesa by email and she will send you all the relevant information.

Micro Herbs/Edible Flowers

If you would like to wholesale our Micro Herbs and Edible flowers please send Leesa an email and she will get back to you with the relevent information.

Organic growers

We also grow in trays of 64/100/144 for your needs.  If you wish to supply your own seeds that is fine as well.  Please allow at least 4 weeks for most seedlings.  Just email Leesa for more information.


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